Media Kit

Logo And Usage Guidelines

North Carolina Rapid Recovery logo

These logos should never be changed. Position, size, and color, as well as the proportional relationships of the NC Rapid Recovery logo elements are predetermined and should not be altered. Any alterations to the logo can take away from the carefully created visual balance of the NC Rapid Recovery logo. Please DO NOT change the logo in any manner. This logo was created for the following: website, social media, press release, media advisory, and print material. Only authorized partners of the NC Rapid Recovery Loan Program may use the logo in correspondence, and under no purposes can the logo be used for non-Rapid Recovery-related correspondence other than with a prospective applicant. If you wish to make changes to this logo or use it for a different purpose, please contact us.

For Media Inquiries

Todd Brantley
Senior Director of Public Affairs
NC Rural Center and Thread Capital

Jenny Tinklepaugh
Communications Officer
Golden LEAF Foundation